She Colours The World!!!

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Meet Ellie Colour, Celebrity Stylist, Wife, Mother and the Founder of Unique & United Movement. Ellie is colouring the world with her personality, skill and charisma. We got the chance to interview the talented Myz Colour. Elle: Who is Ellie Colour?  Ellie Colour: I’m a unique quirky kind of woman with an explosive creative mind, who’s passionate about sharing my gifts to benefit others. I’m a wife, mom, daughter, sister and business women. Elle: You are so busy, how do you balance family, your relationship with God and business? Ellie Colour: The key to how I balance family, my relationship with God and business is keeping things in proper perspective. 1. …

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My first book launch!!!!!

Elle Clarke Book Release

  I understood the scripture that says God will turn everything bad that has happened in your life and make it good; but while I was being raped and molested as a child over and over, I could not see what good could come out of that. I suffered from low self-esteem and guilt. I always believed that if something bad happened in my midst that I was at fault. I wanted to be a writer and a fashion designer and no matter what I wanted, I was told I couldn’t have it. Today I celebrate the release of my first book titled, How I Escaped the Prison of Rape: …

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Just a reminder!

Dear Queen, What inspires you? What gifts and talents do you have laying dormant? I am inspired by seeing others live their dreams. It gives my impossibilities life! You have to dream again in order to live again. Live inside of your imagination and outside of your world. xoxo Elle. P.S Here’s my brand board and a little about what inspires my brand.

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Why is the King Jealous of the Peasant?


Why would a King be jealous of a Peasant, when the king has power, money and influence? No one even cares about the Peasant. He’s poor, and his wisdom is despised; yet with all those facts presented, the King still hates him. Take King Herod, for example; he was upset because he heard that a baby who was said to be the King of the Jews was born. Herod met with the wise men and told them to return to him with the location of the baby when they found him so that he could take gifts to the baby, but that was a lie! Then Herod, when he saw that …

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