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Elle Clarke Media Group

To give God’s millennials a channel that is relevant to their voice and their beliefs, a stage they can use to tell their story and share their gifts. – Elle Clarke Media Group

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One Sound, One Voice, One God!

All White Worship Experience 2k16

True worship comes from a place of humility. A place of sincere appreciation for being able to approach the throne of Grace. The bible declares in John 4:24, “For God is Spirit, so those who worship him must worship in spirit and in truth.” The difference between the world and the church is that the world performs, it entertains but the church transforms. It’s the anointing that destroys yokes of bondage and through submission and obedience to God, the art of singing becomes a gift. On Saturday 13th August 2016, Mount Gilead Nashville TN, under the leadership of Breous Mitchell welcomed the All White Worship Experience. The All White Worship …

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Embracing Destiny

shoreline conference 2k16

  So many people want to pursue their dreams but have no direction. While there are others who are unsure of what they have been destined to do and I applaud those who understand vision, that help those without one. The 5th Annual Shoreline Conference held in the beautiful Courtyard by Marriott,Carolina Beach, North Carolina; created a foundation, gave principles and instructions on how to fulfill our God-given purpose and walk in unapologetic victory. Read Full story here.  

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She Colours The World!!!

ellie cover

Meet Ellie Colour, Celebrity Stylist, Wife, Mother and the Founder of Unique & United Movement. Ellie is colouring the world with her personality, skill and charisma. We got the chance to interview the talented Myz Colour. Elle: Who is Ellie Colour?  Ellie Colour: I’m a unique quirky kind of woman with an explosive creative mind, who’s passionate about sharing my gifts to benefit others. I’m a wife, mom, daughter, sister and business women. Elle: You are so busy, how do you balance family, your relationship with God and business? Ellie Colour: The key to how I balance family, my relationship with God and business is keeping things in proper perspective. 1. …

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